Many countries around the world have closes ‘non-essential’ services, Australia as of 23rd of March is starting day one of what life looks like being in semi lockdown. There will be those that swear the gym is an essential service to keep a lot of us sane. That aside let’s look as what this new normal is and how we can all navigate it.

From where I am sitting I see 3 new space that fitness will go too, most of these are uncharted territory and will be foreign, but with time I see them being the new normal and may give Fitness professional more reach than ever before!

  1. Virtual PT – Sounds strange virtual PT. Do I need VR goggles? Do my muscles even get a workout? The answer is no you don’t need googles and YES you will still get a workout in. How I see this going is you will still get the same personalised approached and expertise as you would in person, the only change is this is online, via a video calling platform. This means you can exercise at home and across the other side of the world, even in a different time zone. Sure, there will be limitations around correcting techniques as there is no one there to assist, I think you’ll be surprised by what a good coach can see and cue from a distance. This type of service will be hugely popular, having coaches eyes on you while having no risk of illness this is a win/win and will allow humanity to access anyone they choose to. I for one will be delivering equipment to a client’s home and leaving it at the door for any client using this option. That way I know what equipment they have & can give them a more specific and tailored workout. This sort of premium service is what you can expect from coaching wanting to ensure you stay fit over this period.
  2. Virtual Group Training – In many big box gyms or high-end clubs this already exists, but in a different way. For gyms, they typically have a projector or screen with preloaded classes ready to use when you want. These classes have been often shot on location with multiple instructors on screen. A great way to have on-demand classes at nonpeak times. When it comes to home-based workouts I see this going a little differently, you would join a video call, with multiple participants, the Trainer will be hosting the session. The workout would be similar to that of a class you would receive in a gym but hosted online, same motivation, same energy, different setting. Participant numbers could 100+ as you don’t have to fight for space to workout. Cost wise this option could be very affordable, and coaches could run multiple session a day to fit your time zone. Also keeping a library for on-demand replay for anyone attending the class would be an added benefit.
  3. Home Programs – You’re stuck at home, what do you do? We all have a living room lets get to exercising. Home Programs have been around since Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. Where I see it going is more than ever people are conscious about exercising and with gyms closes having a home gym may not be possible due to space or cost. Lounge room exercise will come back, I see bodyweight being King along with controlled tempo training (i.e. 4secs down, hold for 4 sec, up for 2 sec). This can go two ways, a generic home program with limited equipment needed to be delivered via your phone or streamed to your TV. Or the more tailored approach where your PT/Coach knows what you have available and designed a program to be done at home with equipment you have around your goals. Slow eccentrics, isometric holds and challenging the movement will rule here.

In time our traditional methods will return. These 3 will make up a huge market from overseas to convenience, virtual and online methods are the best of technology with the best of human thinking.

If you are fortunate to have 1. Money and 2. Space, home gyms and garage setups will be big. Many websites are sold out of squat racks and barbells, from those who are the hardcore gym-going needing to weight moderate to heavyweights. I live in an apartment so having a garage gym is not possible and with high-density living becoming more and more the norm for most this is not an option.

Being at home limited by equipment and weight will allow a lot of us, including myself to clean up bad movement patterns and fix any injuries and allow us to come back to lifting even better than before. This ‘time off’ will allow different modes and styles of training to take hold and strengthen many of us in ways we never thought of. Isometric holds 30-45 sec no matter the position is hard. Slowing movements down will force you to be uncomfortable. This is the time to reset, reload and improve.

We can all sleep more, eat better, and commit to exercise daily, if not now then when if not you then who?



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