Terms & Conditions for Personal Training


Below is the outline of our terms and conditions, and some common questions we are often asked. If you have any questions remaining, please feel free to email us anything you need.

PERSONAL TRAINING – The most important factor in achieving your results is consistency and adhering to the guidelines your trainer develops for you. Personal Training guarantees you will receive quality instruction, guidance and professional service. It does not guarantee results and you are responsible for the attainment of the goals you establish for yourself.

QUALIFICATIONS – Our personal trainers will at all times hold all required qualifications which you are welcome to request a copy of at any time. This includes Certificate 4 in Personal Training, full public and professional indemnity insurance, First Aid and CPR.

SESSION REQUIREMENTS – Please be 5-10 minutes early for your session. Please bring a towel, water bottle and appropriate clothing to exercise in. Should you have any injury or any change to your health or a medical condition you are required to inform your trainer before any further training occurs so they may be able to make any appropriate changes to your training and/or programming.

NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE – Qualified personal trainers are not able to provide clients with specific nutritional plans. This requires a degree in a nutrition-related field. However, they are able to provide you with general eating and nutrition guidelines and tips for healthy eating to support your training, but accept no responsibility for any adverse health reaction or otherwise from following any general advice.

INVESTMENT METHOD – All personal training must be paid for in advance. Payments can be made via bank transfer, Tap and Go systems or Invoicing. Frequency of payment can be discussed as long as the session(s) are paid for in advance.


WHAT IF I AM SICK OR DON’T FEEL UP TO A HARD SESSION? – No worries! We do much more than just physical training. If you are not feeling 100% we can do other key things during your session such as, focussing on stretching and relaxation or correcting movement patterns.

WHAT NOTICE DO I NEED TO GIVE TO MOVE OR CANCEL MY PERSONAL TRAINING FOR THE WEEK? – We understand life is busy and things come up that can be moved, we require 24 hours notice, we will do our best to give you another time you can train later that week. You may be offered a different time slot to your regular time to as some time slots are very popular. You will be given 14 days to catch up any outstanding sessions, i.e If you normally do 1 session per week, the following week you would do two sessions. If however, you are very sick we recommend you stay in bed and get better. All cancellations, even under sickness or other unforeseen matters are still subject to the terms of our cancellation policy, below.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANCEL A SESSION WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE? Any changes or cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking will cause the session to be forfeited and charged at the full rate.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANCEL A SESSION WITH MORE THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE? – We provide a maximum of 14 days to catch up on the session, otherwise, the session will be forfeited and charged at the full rate.

WHAT IF I AM LATE TO A SESSION? – If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session than that session will be forfeited or your session will,be shorted and still charged at the full allocated rate.

100% GUARANTEE SATISFACTION – If for any reason you are not satisfied with a session please email us on [email protected] and outline exactly what your not happy with and we will take appropriate action to remedy the situation, this may be a refund or additional session.